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What My Clients Say....

Suzanne, Business co-founder and HR Professional 

Before I started working with Nicky, I was feeling quite swamped, with many aspects changing in my professional and personal life, all at once. 
Nicky really helped me to take one step at a time and work through each area to gain clarity of priorities of what needs to be done and she helped me gain perspective and time to think.

The biggest result has been to get through a very challenging professional transition period with confidence and strength.  Working with Nicky is highly recommended as she helps you slow down to see what you need to do to be able to gain control over the ‘controllable’ and to accept those areas that are beyond us. 

I’d highly recommend Nicky’s coaching if you want the courage to take a professional leap of faith or work through a multitude of overwhelming issues that are currently denying you clarity of judgement and emotion.  

Emma - Charity Sector  - Head

Before I started working with Nicky, I was at a crossroads in my life with regard to my career and family, with the added complication of Covid19. Soon to turn 45, having worked part time for 9 years, whilst raising my two young boys, I was seeking clarity how to approach the next chapter. I wanted to rediscover my interests, readdress my work life balance, and justify ‘guilt free time’. 

With the youngest starting school and my eldest returning to school after 6 months of lockdown home-schooling, during which I was furloughed, I lacked confidence in knowing what I wanted from work and what I could offer. 

Nicky really helped me to get clarity on who I am, my values and regain my confidence. Coaching helped me to crystallize what is important to me at work. Having Nicky gave me the opportunity to make the time for a valuable conversation. I realised that I needed to indulge in me.

The biggest result has been that I can confidently articulate my values and understand what is right for me in my current job and any future opportunities.  

I would highly recommend Nicky’s coaching if you want help to rediscover who you are and find clarity on which direction to move forward in. 

Claire - Business Owner

I had been running my own marketing business for some time but felt like I couldn't move to the next level. Nicky took the time to really get to know me, my motivations, what success looked like for me and get to know my company.

She really helped me change my perspective about some of the challenges I was facing, we set goals and went through processes to improve my confidence. It was so nice to have her 'in my corner'. I had been working on my own and was finding it lonely. Coaching with Nicky gave me the support and accountability to grow my business, have the ability to value my services and to increase my prices and design the action plan to achieve my goals.


I am excited about the next year and what I can achieve. Coaching with Nicky was really relaxed, but super useful. I found it transformational from where I was to where I am heading.

I highly recommend that you work with Nicky, she has a very warm and honest approach that gives you space to really feel listened to, and you feel like you are part of a team.

Samantha Charlesworth - Owner of Simplisciousoils

Before I started working with Nicky I was feeling a bit lost and needing some direction.


Nicky really helped me to see the direction that I wanted to go and the changes that I will bring into my business.


The biggest result I have seen has been the clarity on the direction the business will go in. She’s helped me see that in the next few months, a rebrand is actually possible and how I can go about this. She gave me the drive to start my Aromatherapy Certification Program and to see how that all ties in with my business progression path in the next few months.

Nicky also helped hugely during lockdown with personal direction and focus and with goal setting for myself and home that will ultimately help with my business too.


Working with Nicky is just so easy. She’s so easy to talk to and her ideas and suggestions have just been amazing. She’s sees things that I just didn’t.


I’d highly recommend Nicky’s coaching if you need some direction with your business, if you need clarity and if you just feel a little lost. She helps you find the right path. You won’t regret working with Nicky. The best decision I made for my business.

Image by Mark Fletcher-Brown

Liz- New Business Owner

Before I started working with Nicky Bunn I was feeling frustrated and stuck at a crossroads in terms of my career and balancing my home life. Nicky really helped me get clarity on what to focus on during a very chaotic time. She helped me understand that some things were out of my control and that I needed to focus on the things I could change. We discussed potential work ideas and training and worked through the barriers that were stopping me from moving ahead. She helped me re-discover my core values and had some great techniques to find inner confidence, deal with self-doubt and work out what I really wanted to do. 

The biggest result has been making a decision on a career path and taking the plunge by investing in relevant training. I had been thinking about starting a new business but was unable to make any decisions and was reluctant to invest in myself in case things didn’t work out. Nicky helped me see the bigger picture, weigh up the risks, re-discover my skills and see the value in investing in myself. In our last session, we talked through a business plan and I now feel like I’m on the way to an exciting new venture.

Working with Nicky is an absolute pleasure. Her sessions are structured and professional but she is so down to earth and easy to talk to it’s amazing how easily the thoughts and ideas naturally flowed. Each theme was determined by me and she really listened to what I was saying, honing in on relevant topics and helping me formulate ideas and make decisions which I struggled to do on my own.

I’d highly recommend Nicky’s coaching if you feel at a crossroads and you need help with focus, direction and confidence to move forward. Our discussions have led to decisions which will not only make a real difference to my career but also help me lead a more balanced and fulfilled life in general.

Thank you Nicky!